Valantis Labrianidis

Detrop Boutique Master Classes by Valantis Labrianidis (powered by Thessaloniki Food Festival)


Sunday, 28/2  
18:30 Thessaloniki foodfestival Master Class by Valantis Labrianidis concerning coffee - Hall 12

Valantis started working as bartender in 1998 while he was studying marketing and management administration. He showed great interest in the field of spirits and he was constantly trained, however the art of coffee making won his heart in the end.
During his career as barista and later head barista, he was trained by experts of the sector in several European countries, people who searched for ways to evolve the methods of coffee making. Their goal was the improvement of the professionals' techniques as well as to have a perfect result in the cup. Valantis is one of these people as he has plenty of diplomas and certifications in Greece and abroad. 
Passioned for tutoring and devoted to the art of an exceptional cup of coffee, over the past years, he works as barista trainer giving seminars to various Greek and foreign cities. His primary objective is the baristi's direct approach, information and progress.
Today he works as coffee consultant in restaurants and is certified judge in national coffee championships of SCAE and the World Coffee Events.