Elias Mamalakis

Detrop Boutique Master Classes by Elias Mamalakis
Friday, 26/2  
13:00-18:00 Discussion, questions and viewpoints shared concerning cheese n' wine.
Elias Mamalakis & Apostolos Plachouras will attend.  

Saturday, 27/2  
13:00-16:00 Master Class, Cheese n' Wine: Elias Mamalakis & Apostolos Plachouras
Sunday, 28/2  
Master Class, Cheese n' Wine: Elias Mamalakis & Apostolos Plachouras
Elias Mamalakis, through his journeys, stories and recipes, has traveled us, kept us company and revealed plenty of secrets.
During this new fascinating tasty experience, he comes to travel us all over Greece and the Mediterranean and introduce us special recipes full of pure ingredients and wonderful aromas that will make us travel in time and space.
Lifetime experiences, result of methodical work and inspiration by the Greek traditional cuisine as well as the Mediterranean savors and aromas.
Elias Mamalakis was born in Athens. He studied Economics, worked many years as highly placed executive in multinational companies. After several experiences, around his forties, he was occupied with gastronomy.
Elias Mamalakis in a few words

  • Up to this moment, he has written thirteen books and a CD with recipes and fairytales 
  • He was Publishing Manager of the cooking insert in the newspaper Investor's World, named "Delights"
  • For three years, he was the main frontman of the show "Straight to the Kitchen", Mega Channel
  • In 2007, he was awarded with the first Prize at Cannes International festival of gastronomic films for the documentary "Boukia & Syghorio"
  • He presented a series of documentaries under the topic the history of Greece, ET3 national TV channel
  • He took part in the theater performance "The Scrumptious", at To Treno Sto Rouf, directed by Tatiana Lygari
  • He has designed a line of 6 different chocolates for the Fresh Pastry Shops
  • He carries on working as consultant in the food industry on savor issues.
  • He is founding member of Stavros Theodorakis' website, protagon.gr
  • He carries out seminars concerning Greek cheese, ancient Greek cuisine, Mediterranean nutrition etc.
  • He participated as judge at the Greek TOP CHEF contest, Antenna Channel
  • He wrote the kids play named "Mr. Ignatius Rodolph de Los Joupa Gloupa's space train"
  • He has been awarded by Unesco and the State of Peru for the best potato recipe, at the contest held in 2008
  • He has realized guest participations in the production of 4 music albums
  • He had daily shows in radio for 15 years 
  • In April of 2007, he worked as Edition Manager of the BBC OLIVE magazine, Greek version
  • He writes for the Sunday paper of the newspaper "Dimokratia"
  • He is volunteer in the En Drasi communities of KETHEA, in the prisons of Korydallos and Thiva
  • He has a daily radio show in Kokkino radio, 105.5
  • He is an elected member of the KETHEA BoD
  • Since January of 2013, he operates a chain of take away food named "Boukia & syghorio"