Christophoros Peskias

Detrop Boutique Master Classes by Christophoros Peskias
Friday, 26/2    
16:30 -19:00 Master Class by Christophoros Peskias - Hall 12
Constantinople Cuisine is the first urban cuisine of Hellenism with countless first materials and savors which were united at the entrance following the trade routes of West and East. What has made Constantinople Cuisine stand out and become one of the most delicious cuisines is the match of sweet and salty savor. 
Each recipe distinguishes for the tasty contrasts, the cooking methods and the spices aromas which bring the best of the delight of each dish. 
During this master class, the prestigious chef Christophoros Peskias will travel us to the savors of Constantinople Cuisine and the secrets of a special gastronomic tradition where the cultures are crossed. 
Christophoros Peskias in a few words
Christophoros Peskias was born and grew up in Cyprus. He studied business administration in Boston University but along with his student life, he discovered his passion for cooking. Once he completed his studies, he came to Greece where he worked for three years as chef at Dash Restaurant in Kifisia. 
In 1992, he returned to America in order to be trained next to the chefs Charlie Trotter and Jackie Pluton in Chicago, exploring the world of the high gastronomy materials and techniques.
From 1997 to 2002 he left his personal mark at the kitchens of the Puerto Colina, Rock n' Roll and Balthazar restaurants while later on he traveled to Europe so as to carry on with his training next to Ferran Adria, Mark Menaux and Joel Robuchon
In 2003, he was in charge of the restaurant 48 where he stayed until 2008, bringing the restaurant in the top-100 list of the Restaurant magazine, together with the best restaurants worldwide.
In February of 2010 he opened the first ΠBox in Kifisia while he has just inaugurated the second ΠBox at the Periscope hotel in Kolonaki. Also, Christophoros Peskias collaborates on a weekly basis with the Gastronomos magazine, insert in the newspaper Kathimerini. The ΠBox Cookery is the new concept of ΠBox.