Detrop Boutique showcases the best delicatessens, food and other kind of products that are produced in Greece and reflect superior quality and best production methods.

This deli fair helps all small producers from even the most remote parts of the country, to show their quality and distinct products to a wider range of Greek and foreign buyers. In this way, not just a limited audience does enjoy the Greek gastronomic greatness but now more people have this opportunity as it is becoming easier to find. 

Detrop Boutique is organized by TIF HELEXPO in February 26-29 of 2016 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center and is addressed to retailers, wholesalers, supermarket, hotel, restaurant delegates as well as to deli stores, organic product stores, bakeries etc.

Highlight of this year’s organization is the special event CHEESE n’ WINE. It is known that Greece has some great producers of different types of cheese and wine. For the first time, these two sectors will take part in the same exhibition event, in a specially designed space of upgraded structure. Greek and foreign producers will show their products around the space of cheese and wine tasting. At the same time, the numerous events will help the producers to give life to their products while they will have the opportunity to combine them with the respective wines thus creating alternative suggestions that they shall probably work as vending tools for the further promotion of their products. 


The fair is sub-section of the established biannual Detrop – International Food, Beverage, Machinery, Equipment & Packaging Fair – which is the Sole Greek Fair that represents the dynamics and extroversion of the quality Greek food production.Detrop Boutique is held a year later of each organization of the Detrop fair.