'DETROP' International Food-Beverage Fair, with more than 25 years of dynamic experience and know-how, is further expanding by holding the 'Detrop Boutique' specialised exhibition.

'Detrop Boutique' aims at offering Greek and international visitors an exclusive tour of Unique Greek, Mediterranean, Certified Products produced in Greece, PDO, PGI, TSG products, as well as select labels.

The goal of the event is for sector professionals and connoisseurs of Greek and international gastronomy to better acquaint themselves with the specific products. The combination of traditional delicacies with modern production and presentation methods is at the epicentre of events. Unique cuisine, presentations and seminars by distinguished chefs and many eminent figures of the sector will illustrate how everyday ingredients can be transformed into fine dishes. 'Detrop-Boutique' enriches Greek exhibition reality with a top tier event of strictly high standard professional orientation.

In the framework of the fair, TIF-HELEXPO has invited and will host a significant number of hosted buyers (distribution networks, hyper markets, super markets, deli stores, etc.) from specific target-countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, the United Arab Emirates, etc., with prearranged business meetings.

The 'Detrop Boutique' International Food-Beverage Fair would like to invite you to a unique exhibition, which will encourage its distinguished guests to experience through all their senses this journey into the world of flavours. It is an opportunity to understand the deeper knowledge, passion and enthusiasm behind your business's products.

Detrop Boutique presents the best delicatessen products and foodstuffs produced in Greece, in terms of both quality and production methods.

Through this 'deli’ exhibition, products of higher and outstanding quality created by micro-producers from even the most remote areas of the country will be presented to a large number of Greek and international buyers.

This way, the glory of Greek gastronomy is no longer an advantage for a limited audience, but for an expanding one. Detrop Boutique is being organised by TIF-HELEXPO from the 24th to the 26th of February 2018 at Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre and addresses retail and wholesale traders, representatives of supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, as well as delicatessen stores, organic product stores, bakeries, etc.