In two specially designed tasting lounges: Greek Bites and Cheese & Wine Area the visitor has the opportunity to attend a seminar - tasting class:

  • Food experts are the trainers
  • The book is the “plate”
  • The course is Greek gastronomy
  • The lesson is the tasting and pairing of the exhibitors’ products in ideal combinations
  • The visitor - student receives a menu - manual
  • Tasting bites are prepared by chefs, presented by the food experts with information regarding the place of origin, tradition, local people, materials, Greek gastronomy’s future.

Participation is free.

Reserve a place, selecting the desired event from the table below.

DETROP boutique 2022

Gastronomy events Greek Bites

  Saturday 2/04/2022 Sunday 3/04/2022 Monday 4/04/2022
13.00 Greek Bites (Trade audience) Greek Bites (Trade audience) Greek Bites (Trade audience)
14.30 Cheese & Wine (Trade audience) Cheese & Wine (Trade audience) Cheese & Wine (Trade audience)
15.00 Greek Bites Greek Bites Greek Bites
16.30 Cheese & Wine Cheese & Wine Cheese & Wine
17.00 Greek Bites Greek Bites  
18.00 Cheese & Wine Cheese & Wine  

Duration / event: 60’
Participants/ event: 40 people
Trade audience: Journalists & Bloggers, Chefs & Bar tenders, Catering and Retail shop owners, X/E, F&B managers, Hosted Buyers


Curation Production


Sylvia – Ioanna Koumedaki
Gastronomy events organization