This year’s Detrop boutique Exhibition chose to honour a land that is “nutritionally blessed”, the Municipality of Pyrgos, and to highlight the countless basic nutrition products that are produced by the Prefecture of Elis in general, for the needs of Greece and as exportable products.

The Municipality of Pyrgos is located in a very rich and fertile land where high quality products are produced. In fact, the Prefecture of Elis has the second largest area of irrigated plains after the plains of Thessaly, while at the same time the region is developed both as regards livestock and fisheries.

The region’s representative products are: oil, wine, raisins, olives, dairy, pasta, tomatoes, citrus fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, meat, and many other standardised traditional products.

With its participation in the Detrop boutiqe 2022 exhibition, the Municipality of Pyrgos will promote its high-nutritional value PDO local products through the participating enterprises, and it will also highlight other comparative advantages of the region as regards tourism and its cultural heritage.