Wednesday, 10 April, 2013

The 22nd DETROP International Exhibition of Food-Beverages-Machinery & Equipment and the 4th OENOS International Wine Exhibition were held from 7 to10 March 2013, at Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre, leading Greek food and beverage products towards a wider, extroverted horizon.

DETROP and OENOS, the only specialised twin-exhibition event for food and beverages in Greece,  confirmed its significance, once again, by attracting a total of approximately 22,000 visitors and increasing the number of trade visitors by 127% as compared to the previous one.  

This year’s clearly upgraded DETROP & OENOS exclusively addressed trade visitors, as opposed to the last such event, and exclusively addressed trade visitors and professionals of the food and beverage sector. DETROP & OENOS attracted 500 direct exhibitors to exhibition pavilions, as well as visitors from 32 other countries.

The TIF-HELEXPO national exhibition body invited and hosted trade visitors from important target-countries for the purpose of promoting foods and beverages produced in Greece, as well as the country’s gastronomy. More specifically, over 100 potential buyers of Greek foods and beverages were hosted, through the Hosted Buyers’ programme, including:

  • 20 American trade visitors, among them distinguished chefs, sommeliers and specialised journalists, internationally acclaimed in the sector of gastronomy, from various states of the USA and Canada. Apart from their appointment with DETROP exhibitors, they had the opportunity to visit organised food and wine production plants in Thessaloniki, Naousa, Amyntaio, Drama, Kavala and Chalkidiki;
  • 18 Russian trade visitors from St. Petersburg and Moscow were present and explored the prospects of cooperating with local businesses;
  • 15 Bulgarian entrepreneurs of the food and beverage industry;
  • 60 select trade visitors from numerous other European countries.

Four of Greece’s Regions were present at the exhibition, namely, Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, the Northern Aegean and Crete; participants also included many of Greece’s chambers, as well as chambers from Cyprus, with a large number of their members.

There was an outstanding exhibition presence of the Greek Association of Foreign Food and Beverage Importers (SELETROPE), while at the same time, at a central point of DETROP-OENOS, within a specially set up area, there were exhibitors’ product presentations and tastings.

A number of parallel events were held along with DETROP-OENOS, concerning «The Future of Greek Products Abroad», as well as «Sales promotion activities for Greek wines on theGerman market».

Furhtermore, degoustation drew the crowds at both exhibitions with Mrs. Diane Kochyla, who cooked Northern Greek recipes using select products supplied by exhibitors, while a number of gastronomical creations were presented at the International Cooking Contest of Southern Europe, organized by the Chefs’ Club of Northern Greece in cooperation with the World Association of Chefs.

The two exhibitions were framed by the International Wine Contest of Thessaloniki, at the award ceremony of which Mrs. Tara Thomas was honoured. She is a journalist with Wine &Spirit, the No1 sector magazine in America.

The «menu» of parallel events included the 2nd «Gold Label 2013» Pan-Hellenic Label Contest, and the 3rd Package& Label Design Symposium.

The DETROP&OENOS exhibitions were organized under the auspices of the Greek International Business Association, Greek Association of Industries and Processors of Olive Oil, The Pan-Hellenic Association of Frozen Food Enterprises, The National Inter-professional Wine Office and the Association of Macedonia Territory Wineries.