With trade visitors coming from 28 foreign countries and all over Greece, the 23rd 'Detrop Boutique Show Athens'

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014

With trade visitors coming from 28 foreign countries and all over Greece, the 23rd 'Detrop Boutique Show Athens' International Exhibition of Food and Beverages, organised by TIF-HELEXPO and held at the Helexpo Maroussi exhibition centre, was a game-changer in the field of food and beverages. After all, it is the only exhibition of export-oriented Greek products by professionals for professionals. 

'Detrop Boutique Show Athens' welcomed over 3,500 specialised trade visitors and professionals, who came into contact with 200 purely Greek food-beverage enterprises that were presenting their products. 

The exhibition specifically targeted select trade visitors and professionals and since they were the only ones admitted, this allowed for the creation of suitable conditions for effective meetings and agreements with exhibitors.

Foreign trade visitors came from Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hungary, Libya, Morocco, Moldavia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, North Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, the United States and Cyprus.

Being active in the distribution, importation, wholesale and retail sale of food and beverages in major foreign markets, foreign trade visitors attended 340 business meetings with exhibitors at 'Detrop Boutique Show Athens'.

The parallel events held during Detrop Boutique Show Athens were a point of reference at the exhibition, recording significant visitor participation and analysing current sector affairs. In fact, Greek gastronomy, unique flavour proposals and select food and beverages on exhibit were the focus of the SKAI television show 'Chef on Air', presented by Eleni Psychouli and Andreas Lagos, while mixologist-bartender Panayiotis Frangos prepared 'Made in Greece' cocktails. The event was co-organised by TIF-HELEXPO and Prosenghisi F&V Events.

The event on Kosher and Halal religious certifications for food was also of great interest, as it provided a 'passport' for exporting products to Jewish and Muslim populations throughout the world.

'Detrop Boutique Show Athens' contributed to the promotion of its exhibitors through new technology and, namely, 'Greek Nutritional heritage', an app created in cooperation with Google Developers Group Thessaloniki that attracted the interest of exhibitors, trade visitors, domestic and international media (BBC Radio London, Athens International Radio, SBS Australia, etc.), thus proving that it can help promote not only Greek nutritional products but also destinations of gastronomical interest.

The presence of the Regions of Central Macedonia, of East Macedonia – Thrace and of the North Aegean, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DG International Economic Relations) and numerous productive agencies and Chambers from throughout the country was dynamic.