66% increase in trade visitor numbers at Detrop Boutique and Artozyma, 20% at the Hellenic Jewellery Fair

Monday, 7 March, 2016

The Detrop Boutique and Artozyma exhibitions, which presented the latest developments in the sectors of food-beverages, bakery and confectionery at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 February, recorded high visitor numbers, with a total of 31,137 visitors (trade visitors and special categories-group visits). In fact, the number of trade visitors who visited the two exhibitions was increased by 66% compared to last year's number. At the same time, the number of trade visitors at the Hellenic Jewellery Fair, which was held in Athens, was increased by 20%.

Detrop Boutique and Artozyma hosted over 300 exhibitors at six pavilions (covering a gross area of 20,000 m2), representing numerous different fields of the sectors of food-beverages, bakery and confectionery, with enterprises producing both brand-name and private-label products. The 110 trade visitors and hosted buyers who attended the two exhibitions came from Romania, Germany, Spain, Austria, Russia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Cyprus and Albania, and attended over 3,000 business meetings with Greek exhibitors. The Hellenic Jewellery Fair hosted 270 exhibitors, covering an exhibition area of 6,100 m2, and was attended by trade visitors from Cyprus, Russia, Belarus, Lebanon and the Netherlands.

The parallel events schedule of Detrop Boutique and Artozyma was particularly rich, ranging from pop-up restaurants with interesting gastronomic proposals, Master Classes by distinguished chefs and tasting events to impressive confectionery creations and the 2nd Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship. In fact, with the support of TIF-Helexpo, the winner was named as the National Baking Team that will represent our country at sector events abroad.

Apart from the exhibition and business aspect, though, the two exhibitions also had a social dimension. For this reason, TIF-Helexpo would like to thank its exhibitors for the products (food, bread, sweets and raw materials) they donated to the Greek Children's Village in Filyro, to the Deputy Mayoralty for Social Welfare of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the soup kitchens, and to refugees.