... dynamic and targeted at a National and International level

TIF HELEXPO is equipped with a comprehensive mixture regarding communication strategy that ensures: 

  • Recognisability for all its exhibitions
  • High rate of attraction of targeted visitors

TIF HELEXPO uses all means of communication, such as: 

  • Its broad Network of associates (state agencies, financial agencies, exhibitor associations and agencies, Chambers, associations, Greek agencies situated abroad, official partners, transport means & stations, etc.)
  • At extensive network of communication sponsors (television stations - radio stations, magazines and specialised websites operated by TIF-HELEXPO).
  • Digital Marketing communication tools (Web - Advertising, E-newsletters, Google Display Network, Facebook, Youtube)
  • Mass Media, with advertising spots and interviews on television and radio stations and in magazines and newspapers.
  • Direct Marketing with the dispatch of information material and invitations to the target­audiences that are of interest to exhibitors.

The promotion and communication of the "DETROP BOUTIQUE 2020" exhibition will be particularly dynam­ic, with campaigns deployed in Greece and abroad through the use of suitable and efficient media combinations . 

... targeted communication strategy 

"DETROP BOUTIQUE 2020" will implement a dynamic communications plan that will include all above & below the line communication actions, such as television, radio, online communication (direct web advertising, Google, etc.), press office/digital PR, social media strategy (32,000 Helexpo Facebook members), entries in specialty press and newspapers, dispatch of newsletters to the members of the established, targeted databases of TIF-HELEXPO, implementation of communi­cation sponsors' strategy .